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Chuck Carter

Eagre Games is based in Orono, developing non-violent real-time immersive games that appeal to a very wide spectrum of players. Over the last 3 years a huge, unpopulated niche has opened up. Eagre plans on filling it with compelling and beautiful games designed around great stories. Eagre's first video game - ZED - is a real time exploration game based around exploring numerous worlds to find ZED, a mysterious character who’s disapeared. This is the first of their games and will be followed with Curio, which has been in development for the last two years. Chuck Carter has been working in the video game industry for 23 years. His first game was the popular game Myst followed by 25 additional games including numerous triple A titles like the Command and Conquer and Red Alert franchises.

Founder: Chuck Carter
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Chuck Benton

Realtors need to locate property lines day in and day out, and clients invariably want to “see” the boundaries of the property at hand. BoundARyViewerTM is an innovative, easy way to see those property lines through the magic of Augmented Reality (AR)! We’ve all seen the computer generated “first down lines” in televised football games… BoundARyViewerTM uses this same technology to project publicly available property boundaries into your smart phone camera view. Simply open the app and point your camera!! Founder Chuck Benton’s helped developed early Virtual Reality systems, which lead to the development of Augmented Reality navigation systems used by the US Navy and others. Chuck now focuses on applying the technologies he developed for the military to provide practical applications for the general public.

Founder: Chuck Benton

Meet The Judges

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Catherine York
Catherine York is currently Managing Director and CEO of Constant Energy Capital, a clean energy focused private equity firm based in Portland. Previously, Catherine served as Vice President of SunEdison's investment banking arm, Global Special Situations Group, where she oversaw a high performing team providing mergers and acquisitions advisory services. Prior to SunEdison, Catherine was both a entrepreneur and an"intrapreneur" spearheading new products, initiatives or divisions within companies. Catherine serves on the Board of Maine Angels investment group and as a new mom to a black labrador puppy.
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Jeff Dixon
Jeff Dixon is Vice President of Customer Facing Software at IDEXX Laboratories.With a proven track record and an information technology career demonstrating continued growth, Jeff provides a unique balance of leadership experience and true technical strength. He is adept at creating and leading high-performance development teams with diverse technical backgrounds. Jeff's technical experience is concentrated on architecture, design, agile development, and the integration and testing of cloud-based SaaS applications.
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Betsy Biemann
Betsy Biemann advises entrepreneurs, foundations and nonprofit organizations on strategies to drive innovation, growth and economic opportunity. She currently directs the Maine Food Cluster Project at the Mossaver-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at Harvard University. From 2005 to 2012, she led the Maine Technology Institute, investing in Maine companies and in initiatives seeking to grow high-potential sectors of Maine’s economy. Prior to that she funded economic development and job training initiatives in the U.S. and education projects in Sub-Saharan Africa as an associate director of the Rockefeller Foundation. She regularly judges national entrepreneurship development and innovation competitions, is a member of Maine Angels, and serves on the boards of the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation and CEI.
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