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26 Maine Entrepreneurs Compete For A $100,000 Cash Prize!

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Greenlight Maine is a statewide collaboration of entrepreneurial catalysts and corporate leaders, designed to promote and mentor the development and growth of business in our great state.

Via all forms of media and LIVE events, Greenlight Maine will highlight the unique, creative, and inspirational activity that is being generated by small businesses as well as encourage investments for - "Growing Maine...One Dream At A Time".

Prize money for Greenlight Maine is being provided by Maine Accelerates Growth through a grant by The Maine Community Foundation.
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Mentoring Episodes of Greenlight Maine Season #1 Broadcast Schedule

All Episodes Air At 7:30 (EST)
Saturday January 30 : Team AR w/ Chuck Benton
Sponsor: Bernstein Shur
Saturday February 6 : Good To Go w/ Jennifer Schism
Sponsor: LL Bean
Saturday Feb 13 : Revolution Research w/ Simin Khosravani
Sponsor: Hancock Lumber
Saturday February 20 : Finest Kind w/ Jay Lombard
Sponsor: Days Jewelers
Saturday February 27 : Garbage to Garden w/ Tyler Frank
Sponsor: Moody’s Collision Center
Saturday March 5 : Chimani w/ Shaun Meredith
Sponsor: Bangor Savings Bank
Saturday March 12 : Beltane Solar w/ Steve Musica
Sponsor: Central Maine Power
Saturday March 19 : STARC Systems w/ Chris MacKenzie
Sponsor: MEMIC
Saturday March 26 : Northern Maine Distillery w/ Scott Galbiati
Sponsor: Darling’s Auto
Saturday April 2 : MadGabs w/ Gabrielle Melchionda
Sponsor: Husson University
Saturday April 9 : Rapport IO w/ John Rooks
Sponsor: FAME
Saturday April 16 : MedRythms w/ Brian Harris
Sponsor: IDEXX
Saturday April 23 : ComposiMold w/ Stan Farrell
Sponsor: Don Foshay’s Tire and Alignment
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Contestant Match-Ups / Previous Broadcast Schedule (EST)

Saturday, September 12 : Bixby & Co vs. Good-To-Go
Sponsor: Bernstein Shur
Saturday, September 19 : Chimani vs. Double Blue Sports Analytics
Sponsor: L.L. Bean
Saturday, September 26 : OdiGo (ZeoMatrix) vs. Garbage to Garden
Sponsor: Hancock Lumber
Saturday, October 3 : Mad Gabs vs. HotTubes
Sponsor: Day's Jewelers

Saturday, October 24 : Casco Bay Butter vs. Finest Kind
Sponsor: Moody's Collision Centers
Saturday, October 31 : CourseStorm vs. Revolution Research
Sponsor: Bangor Savings Bank
Saturday,, November 7 : Flow Fold vs. ComposiMold
Sponsor: Central Maine Power
Saturday, November 21 : Cerahelix vs. Beltane Solar
Sponsor: MEMIC
Saturday, November 28 : MedRythms vs. RockStep Solutions
Sponsor: Darling's Auto
Saturday, December 5 : Rapport IO vs. Mingle Analytics
Sponsor: Husson University
Saturday, December 12 : Gimme Shelter vs. Starc Systems
Sponsor: FAME
Saturday, December 19 : Eagre Games vs. Team AR
Sponsor: IDEXX
Saturday, December 26 : Northern Maine Distilling vs. Blue Ox Malt
Sponsor: Don Foshay's Discount Tire and Alignment

Vote your wild card choice into the final event!

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L to R: Con Fullam, Don Gooding (Host), Evie Perry, Brian Corcoran, Nat Thompson
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